The goal of psychoanalysis is to lead a healthy more adaptive life by being more aware about what motivates you in the first place and then living the life in which you might get some chance of getting things you want and where you can avoid the things that are pulling you off balance.

It’s a big opportunity for the person to rework the way they operate, to rework the way they relate to their feelings, the way they relate to their history. It can lead to individual’s freedom and deep internal transformation, it can lead to living a successful life. That’s what psychoanalysis is all about.

Modern psychoanalysis addresses such complicated and sensitive subjects as narcissistic rage, where affected individual is deeply dissatisfied with one’s self while seemingly being aggressive against others.

Dr. Harold Hudler says, psychoanalysis as a term refers to three different aspects of what we do. Psychoanalysis is a theory about human mind and mental life. The theory in a nutshell is that a lot of important things in our lives are determined at the level of living that is unconscious to us

Dr. Paul Brinich, Ph.D. says, there is an awful lot of human existence and thinking that goes out of our awareness. The psychoanalytic perspective really tries to look at what is beneath the surface.

Dr. David A. Smith, M.D. says, most people think about psychoanalytic psychotherapy as psychoanalysis per se which is a therapeutic process where one individual is trained to listen in a special way to another individual, tries to bring together and understand these injuries, restrictions, problems from the past.

Dr. Heather Craige, M.S.W., says in general over time you get pieced together what their life story has been and bring into consciousness really some of the conflicts.

Sigmund Freud was the first who listened in this unique way. He was very curious, he was neurologist by training. Gradually he developed this process of listening and connecting the dots. The psychoanalysts look at how you developed as a person so they see a lot of your problems in the present reflecting problems in the past.

We are creating an artificial environment where we try to attend to the things most people spend their time trying not to attend to.

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